Favorite Blogs

As much as I like writing, I also enjoy reading other blogs. Here is a list of blogs that I follow.

Fight The New Drug – Dropping knowledge on the harmful effects of porn.

Bad Christian – BadChristian is a thriving community that focuses on interacting with culture from an alternative Christian point of view. They do this by being transparent, entertaining, honest, and artistic.

A Simple and Sincere Account – A blog I stumbled across a couple years back that I happen to find a lot of encouragement from.

Nothing (Without You) – Lee is a great guy and pastor friend that I consider myself blessed to know via the interwebs.

What Can I Say? – I like to read blogs that freshmen at my college start up, but there aren’t many that I like to consistently follow. This is one of them. For lovers of words and fiction.

Cultivating Echoes of Grace – Taylor’s another guy I’m blessed to know from the interwebs. He likes to write about theology and such, so if that’s your thing, check it out!

Joshua S. Porter – The mind behind one of my favorite bands, Showbread. We share a lot of similar beliefs/convictions, particularly regarding Christians and government.

My Dry Bones – Foua is a FANTASTIC individual who loves Jesus with her whole heart. While she doesn’t blog very often, I put the link in here because she’s been my friend since 2012 and I always find her words encouraging and uplifting.

Adam Kronshagen – Drummer for one of my favorite bands, Icon For Hire, talking about life. (Recently Launched)


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