CCCB Is Not Free (You Have to Work for It)

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If you’re not going to try, then don’t even bother.

After four and a half years, I’ve developed something of a knack for figuring out within the first week or two of the semester who’s not going to come back to CCCB. Yet I am surprised to find that sometimes, people I had high hopes for will still opt to make zero effort toward their academics and drop out. It’s tragic to see people who have potential to do well simply not make an effort. Some people stop trying because they’re going home after the semester, while others decide they want to attend a different college and their credits won’t transfer. Both of these have something in common: they’re wasting people’s time and money.

If you find yourself in the category of “I’m just not even going to bother doing any of the work,” then don’t even come. If you come to Central to play sports but don’t make an effort toward your classes, then your priorities are misplaced (likewise, coaches, if one of your players wants to join the honors program or leave the team to focus on academics or ministry, don’t pressure them otherwise). If you come to Central because you couldn’t get in anywhere else and because it’s “affordable and easy to get into” (as the admissions department advertises), then don’t treat the opportunity lightly. I’ve found opportunities open up that some people at Central told me would never open up due to its lack of regional accreditation, simply because I decided to take my time here seriously and do well in my classes.

Central is a great opportunity to get a decently affordable college education and set yourself up for future success. If you put in the effort, you will succeed. Period. Want to get into that grad school that “won’t accept Central’s degrees?” Do well in your classes, study hard, and rock the GRE exam. They’ll accept you simply on the grounds of academic merit. Even the University of Wisconsin system pre-emptively accepted my degree on the grounds that I finish with a satisfactory GPA. It takes effort, but the effort pays off in the end.

But Central is not free.

You have to put in effort toward your classes. You have to do your work. You have to try. On the flip side, it takes more persistence to fail at CCCB than it does to succeed. The professors here will do everything they can to help you succeed because they believe in you. If you fall behind, and you talk to them, and really make an effort, they will give you grace to catch up. Let me put it this way: if you’re not going to make any effort toward academics, don’t come to CCCB. Somebody is working hard to earn money, which they then donate to cover your tuition, and you’re effectively pissing it away by treating it as a free ride to… to do what? Lay in your bed all day watching Netflix? If you come to Central, and you don’t even try, you’re effectively wasting a scholarship that could have gone to somebody else.

But if you are already here, then don’t just give up.

This school believes in you (that’s why it exists). The professors believe in you (that’s why they work here for such little pay). The Christian churches here believe in you (that’s why they donate so much money toward your tuition). I believe in you (that’s why I’m writing this).

Ask yourself: in 4-5 years, would you rather look back with regret and wish you hadn’t wasted away your college years, or would you rather look back and be glad for all the effort you put in?


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