[This is Music] Album of the Week: Worn Out (Conveyer)

First of all, I’m having problems with WordPress saying that posts are published on the next day; I assure you, it is very much still Friday.

This week’s album of choice is one of my favorites to unashamedly scream along to in the car (even if I do sometimes get strange looks from people). Hard, heavy, and loud, this album is definitely a hardcore kid’s friend. Something I love about melodic hardcore (the genre of this album) is that it has just enough mellowness to it that I can sort of just chill out and listen to it. I don’t have to dive into the music, I can just sit back and enjoy being around it. But when I want to jump in, it’s super easy to get pumped and lift my voice. To me, that’s a rare quality to find among heavier stuff.

It also sort of reflects, though and through, how I feel most of the time: worn out, tired, weak, incapable of living on my own apart from Christ. When I get stressed, I find it so hard to slow down, look up, and see Christ. I just want to keep going, keep working, keep pushing, and figure things out on my own. It’s not like I feel like I have to prove myself to God, though; I know that’s impossible. Nothing I can do will ever be good enough for Him. Yet I feel like I have to prove myself to myself all the time. I know that my INFJ nature locks onto the highest standard it can find and then judges myself and the world accordingly. But I also know how utterly incapable I am of attaining such a lofty standard of holiness. Christ made it clear that no human work could earn salvation, but only that we come and die into His death so that we can be raised into His life; then we will find grace and inherit salvation.

This whole album sort of centers around that reality.

Plus, Conveyer reminds me of Kirk, this RA at my college who has only ever encouraged me since he started at the college. When I found out his first semester that he knew about and owned a Conveyer CD, I was pretty stoked. Kirk also played a role in my not-totally-giving-up-on-Jesus last year, despite how close I got. Just a simple thing he said added a thought into my mind that I couldn’t really get away from.

Lastly, Conveyer is “local music” for me; coming from Eau Claire, WI (which is where Conveyer started, despite their Facebook page saying “Minneapolis”) I find myself drawn to any band that comes from the town (except Bon Iver, there was an explosion of wannabe-hipsters because of him and that’s not okay). Add in the fact that Danny Adams, their vocalist, is a dude I’ve come to respect quite a bit since I first met him in 2012, and I find myself listening intently to their music.

In fact, I’m thinking about putting in a pre-order for their new album which is coming out in September.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.



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