[This is Music] Song of the Day: Change Will Come (Least of These)

Today’s song is one that really hits home for me. For four years I watched my friends leave college for one reason or another, and in May the rest of them graduated. This isn’t to say that I don’t still have friends at school, but the ones I came in with, had the late nights with, my first sonic run with, and went to weekly open dorms with (oh yes, let’s not forget the one semester that CCCB attempted weekly open dorms) are gone. And it really feels like “every year someone left until the circle was me.”

I hate change, and life always changes. But my God never changes, and I can take heart in that.

I hope you enjoy this song.



I walked twenty blocks
Wasting all of my thoughts
On self-doubt and grieving
I got myself lost
My compass, it is a watch
Who knows where it’s leading
I took trips without leaving my house
All of my friends were there
Alone in my room, painting
We talked on the phone
The same TV channel on
Learning life’s meaning
And it goes and goes and goes…

We sat in parking lots
Sharing our deepest thoughts
Telling all of our dreams
Time passed and left
Every year someone left
Until the circle was me

And althought I called to you
Asking what happened to my life
And that’s when I ran to you
Asking what happened to my life

Patiently you said
Change will come, my love

So here I am again
Calling Your name for them
Lost memories and lost dreams
You met me here again
With love you called me your friend
And open arms welcoming

And I’ll find myself running right
Back to Your arms like the last time that I did

Change will come, My love

Our destination will not always be
What You called our destiny
Change will come consistently
Riding grace and mercy

Change will come, My love



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