[This is Music] Album of the Week: The Classic Crime – What’s Been Done

I had an idea today.

Since I love doing “song of the day” and “album of the day” posts, but haven’t really found a way to go about it in a well-structured manner, I thought I might change things around a little to make it a little easier for you, the reader, to follow along with. So from here on forward, it might look something a little like this: every day, I’ll write a “Song of the Day” post, and on Fridays I’ll write an “Album of the Week” post that goes into a little more detail about the band itself, how they’ve influenced me, etc. If you like that idea, go ahead and give this post a “like”, a “share”, or drop a comment letting me know what you think.

My album of this week is “What’s Been Done – A Decade Revisited” by The Classic Crime

I could go on and on about how much I love The Classic Crime and bombard you with reasons why I chose this to be my album of the day, but I think I can suffice to say that this band has musically inspired me to stretch beyond the narrow hardcore style I had first known how to write. In fact, I think I can honestly say that it wasn’t until I learned “The Test” that I was finally able to start branching out into more acoustic styles. I think it was The Classic Crime’s “Seattle Sessions” acoustic EP that first inspired me to write acoustic music and not just metal or punk.

I could write an uber-long post about how much their songs have affected me on a song-to-song basis, but the truth is it’s officially midnight and I really want to get this thing published before I fall asleep. I meant to write a more lengthy post, but things happened between 1pm, when I started this, and now, and I just never really got it done. Maybe I’ll do another Classic Crime post in the future.

So, with that aside, please enjoy this album, as I’m sure you will.

PS: I promise next week’s post will be more in-depth and exciting.


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