[This is Music] Album of the Day: Finger Painting

Today’s been crazy. This week has been crazy. This whole summer has been crazy. I’ve been running on fumes lately, eating little, sleeping little, and thinking way too much. In terms of anxiety attacks, the past two weeks have been incredibly difficult. I’m realizing how much I still need to get done before the semester starts, how much more I want to get done (like finishing part two of Living With Depression), and how much my time each day to do things is dwindling with my increasing work schedule. To be honest, I’ve been quietly freaking out with it all, stuck between numbness and panic. That, on top of other things, has me pretty worn out and ready to sleep for the next month or so.
So it comes as no surprise to me that I’ve chosen this to be my album of the day. It’s calm, it’s encouraging, it lifts my spirits, it flows together musically, and it’s beautifully done. The gradual build of the title track, Finger Painting, is definitely one of my favorites in instrumental post-rock.

I hope you find calm in this as much as I do.




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