[This is Music] Song of the Day: Haven (Conveyer)

I’ve basically been in love with Conveyer’s music ever since I first listened to “Worn Out,” but that’s not exactly the reason why I chose Conveyer’s new single “Haven” to be my Song of the Day. I met Conveyer’s current vocalist, Danny, at a coffee shop in Wisconsin back in 2012 when he was with All Became New. Hearing his story of faith encouraged me to press on toward the goal of the gospel, and though I did fall out along the way, “Slumlord’s Prayer” (by All Became New) was something that I held onto for encouragement. The line, “No longer sleeping with doors painted red, we laugh in the face of death as we pass over it,” became incredibly real to me, like a beacon of light that found me no matter how deep I sank. In 2014, I met Danny again, this time with Conveyer, and we shared stories of faith and doubt and learning and growing and understanding this thing called “grace”. Once again, I was encourage to press on and fight the good fight of faith. It was one of those conversations that left me convinced it was orchestrated by God.

When I heard Haven, I could feel the lyrics deep in my soul; even on a day when I was very depressed and feeling emotionally and physically numb, there was something powerful in the song that seemed to wake me up. It is extremely rare for music to have that effect on me anymore, but I think there was something about knowing it was Danny singing those words that brought my mind back to our conversations in 2012 and 2014, reminding me that it’s okay to have doubts and struggles, but that I shouldn’t doubt God’s power to change lives (even my own). I’m still called to press on toward the goal of the gospel, no matter how many times I have to keep getting back up.

Thanks Danny.


This is my aberration from the world I’ve come to know
Opposed to all that hinders the freedom of my soul
Faithless in a future disregarding my conviction
Remove me from the mindset of man

I hope I’m not just counting down the days
Until I relapse and forget to relate
There’s got to be more than what we’re all conditioned to expect
From this self-centered world of hate and regret, pain and neglect
I’m trying my best

I’ve had a change of heart

You have captivated this man
I will sing praises to show them
A chorus carried up on high

Ignoring importance, ignoring the critical
Existential urgency
Ignoring our purpose, ignoring the vital
Bled dry by apathy
Avoiding moral imperative

Dead without life, an end with no means
A population of selfish men who have no one to blame but themselves
The world is plain and simple; depravity of the heart
Living in a constant spiral of moral disregard
You will be my Haven for the rest of my days
Refine me from my self-centered ways


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