[This is Music] SOTD: Dissimulation

The piece I’ve chosen to be my song of the day is “The Awakening (Dissimulation)” by Hope for the Dying, the title track from their (fantastically well done) album, “Dissimulation.” The reason I chose it is because the lyrics really encouraged me today: that I have been offered a new beginning, to die to sin and live a new life in Christ. That grace, that new beginning, is something that I hope I never take for granted. Even if you’re not into metal, the message of these lyrics is profound. I hope you can be as encouraged by this as I was.


How could this be
That out of the darkness

A light has been cast upon me?
And what would I do

If my own irreverence
Forever kept me from the truth?

I’ve watched the aging face
In the reflection stare at me;
Watching hour by hour
He affords no sympathy.
I’ve tried to dim the lights
To avoid accusing stares
But He always find my eyes
and reminds me who I am.
I’ve felt the hand of mercy
Reaching down for me
To pull me from the trenches
To calm the stormy seas

To wash me in the waters
To cleanse me in the blood

To start my new beginning
And vanquish what I was


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