A Day in the Life (Vlog)

Due to a Blogger glitch (I promise it wasn’t my fault), this blog post didn’t actually go public the first time I clicked “Publish”, despite appearing to me as though it did. Not only that, but it had reverted itself to a draft I had originally written using the mobile app. So, with that in mind, I am now re-posting in hopes that this will actually reach you, the reader. Though, I have to admit, even I find it pretty lame that a vlog I uploaded FOUR DAYS AGO is finally making it here. 

Sorry guys, I’ve just been busy.

This post is actually a vlog, and should hopefully tie you over until I do some much-needed updates to the appearance of my blog. I promise I’ll do more actual writing soon. In fact, part two of Living with Depression is already in the works, and I have a few other concepts bouncing around in my head that I’d love to start writing about. Anyway, enjoy this little video. I even recorded my own music for it!


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