We We We So Excited

The rest of my stuff came on Saturday, and I’m pretty excited about to start working with it all. Though, I must admit, I’m a little nervous about the learning curve there will be with adapting to a new recording software. But, I know Pro Tools is said to be better than Audacity in every way (and of course I already agree), but it’s still a little nerve-wracking nonetheless. Perhaps I should consider playing with it some today so that I can at least have an idea of what it will be life using it tomorrow night to record the live sound at open mic night (and how to work it in the first place). Alas, I’m on a schedule. But then again, my schedule has been skewed already this semester. I have an indefinite extension on a paper in one class and a project in another; perhaps the only academic thing I need to concern myself with today is studying for a test that I have tomorrow morning. That could allow me time to learn at least a few basics with Pro Tools before I go to use it tomorrow night.

Anyway, what’s remarkable is that for what all you see here (and what you don’t see here yet) I only spent $735. That’s right… $735. Here’s the breakdown of the cost:

M-Audio M-Track Quad (w/ Pro Tools Express): $199 (on sale)
Rode NT1a vocal mic (w/ shock mount, pop shield, and cable): $229
Audio Technica Pro 37 instrument mic: $108
Mogami Silver 25ft XLR cable: $30 (x2, so $60, plus shipping)
On Stage Stands mic boom stand: $25 (x2, so $50)
40ft sq of acoustic treatment foam: $85 shipped

Okay, so $735 is a lot of money. It was painful to spend, but for a starter setup it really was a pretty great deal. I’m journaling up a “gear wish list” of items I’d like to see in my future studio setup, but for now I’m more than pleased with this.


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