Birthdays and Bad Days

My birthday was a couple days ago, so I treated myself to something nice. That is, I picked up this new recording interface from Amazon. Saved fifty bucks on it with the sale price, too, and got it for $199. And, as you can see by the box, it comes with Pro Tools Express and Ignite by AIR. Not too bad. The disadvantage to Pro Tools Express is that the two most frequently used plugins aren’t available without upgrade to the regular version of the software, but the advantage is that upgrading to Pro Tools 11 is only $200 and allows free upgrade to Pro Tools 12 when it comes out, which is very cost-friendly as compared to buying the full software outright for $900. The rest of my equipment should be coming soon, too. All $535 of it (bringing the total up to $735). My bank account is looking rather sad after taking such a heavy hit, but I’m sincerely hoping that I’ll be able to garner some, if small, financial backing to help offset the cost. I also hope to use this in the future to perhaps make a little bit of money recording local artists.


But today, a couple days later, was just… a generally rough day. Actually, I must rephrase. The first half of today was pretty amazing and I was in a fantastic mood after last night. Then I went home from my first shift and… Anyway, the second shift got off to a decent start but for some reason, my mood crashed mid-shift. It could just be tiredness from the headache I was battling today (further reason for my concern about my mental health; I was in a great mood despite a headache), but the crash was sudden and hard. I’m doing a little better now that it’s late and I’m mellowed out, but I hate these mood crashes. They’re brutal and leave me wondering why this has to continually happen to me. It’s nights like tonight that, while I trust that God has a plan and purpose for me in the context of the Kingdom, I can’t help but feel a little bitter and discouraged that I have yet to figure out why I am the way I am.

But, recent events (that I may talk about later on, when they’re not-so-immediate) have me feeling hopeful that things will be trekking upward.

I just need to keep on trekking.

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