Oh, Claire (New Song Release)

A couple days ago I released an acoustic cover of my friends’ song, which they released just a year ago. It was recorded and edited over several months, and it shows… The guitar sounds like garbage, tracks were recorded in different locations, and when I first started working on it I had just gotten my Sampson Go Mic. Also, I was sick the day I recorded the vocals… Frustrating, I know, but I was halfway through processing them when I realized that my voice sounded ill, and didn’t want to go back through and re-record them. Perhaps a little more patience would have paid off in the end with this, but then again, I started this project back in October and just wanted to get things done.
That cheapo home “studio”, though

Anyway, I’ve ordered a new recording interface which should be here sometime late this week or early next week. This should solve the component noise problem that I was getting with the Tapco (you can see it in the picture laying on the floor). Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to look into getting a new (better) vocal mic as well. I’d love to get an Avantone CV-12, but that’s $500. Likely, the best I’ll be able to go for is the Rode NT1a at $229, and even that will have to wait a month or two at minimim. Between now and then, though, I’ll try to go ahead and start doing some acoustic treatment to the recording room here in the house so that when the time comes, I’ll be ready to start recording my EP (which will include re-recording this cover).



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