So today I was working on my car. Awesome, right? YEAHHHHHH.
Change the spark plugs and everything’s groovy, right? YEAHHHHHH…
Until you break one of the coil packs.
Fortunately, it was just a little piece of plastic that’s meant to apply downward pressure to a rubber seal so moisture doesn’t get down inside the block and around the spark plug. Still… We couldn’t put the part back in the car broken, and I don’t have $100 to fork out for a new coil pack. I looked at my friend with an expression of desperation and said, “Dude, what are we going to do?”


Fortunately, I have this magical thing called JB-Weld, which my friend suggested we use to reapply the broken piece of plastic to the rest of the coil pack. So we went back to my room and fixed it up real pretty. Tomorrow I’ll put it back in the car and see if it works!

In the meantime, I think it’s time to finish this paper.


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