Before We Walk…

Hold on, let me take a selfie

Today I went to Como with a friend, and it was quite refreshing. Hot topic for their t-shirt sale (and pins, and a laptop sticker), Coldstone ice cream and a walk around MU’s campus made for a relaxing evening before returning to continue working on academic papers.

Just look at that sky… so beautiful.

I missed Columbia. Walking around campus, I was flooded with memories of hanging out with a group of dudes and doing parkour-type-things. Of course, I found myself walking on a few handrails just for memory’s sake. These high-tops don’t handle balance as well as my Feiyues, but it brought me a little joy.

I do miss parkour. Even if I had to quit because I kept getting hurt and increased my risk of serious (or possibly permanent) injury each time I did it, I still miss it. Maybe some of the less-intensive portions of it are something I can get back into.

There isn’t much point to this entry. Just an update, I suppose.


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