[This is Music] What I’m Listening To Tonight

So I have a story behind this one.

Back in 2010 I was at Lifest, a 5-day music fest with 6 stages. The smallest stage was in a barn, and it was called “The Pit”. It was where smaller, lesser-known bands played. More underground bands would actually walk the grounds handing out promotional flyers for their time slot to every person they encountered. If I recall correctly, someone approached me and said, “Hey, come see Ilia at The Pit tomorrow!” Well, I had no idea who they were so I dismissed it. But then I went to The Pit anyway to see another band. It may have been Mychildren Mybride, but I don’t entirely recall.

Anyway, I ended up getting there at the wrong time and Ilia played before the band I was there to see. So, I listened. If I remember correctly, they were an all-female band at the time, and then I was surprised, because they were good. Not bashing all-female bands, but I don’t generally see many, and if I do, it’s not usually something that catches my full and undivided attention. But this group was an exception.

Fast-forward a couple years, and Ilia goes on a hiatus because of personal problems between the singer and someone else. A rocky road full of changes later, and Ilia’s back touring with their original drummer and a new singer.

And their new music sounds RAD.

They came to my school and played a show last week, and I was SHOCKED. Their return sounds even better than their original stuff! So of course I bought some merch and asked if I could promote their new music on my YouTube channel. If I can see them again, I definitely will.


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