I love going to concerts, but I enjoy working them even more. If I can plug in and help, I will. Usually this happens in the form of manning a merch table. Tonight is no exception. There’s a  concert happing right now at my college. Seventh Day Slumber, Nine Lashes, and Ilia. I’m especially excited to see Ilia again, since it’s been since 2010 and they survived a temporary hiatus and oh man, does their comeback sound good! Though I feel pretty bad about the turnout for the show being pitifully small compared to the size of this gym.

Also cool about tonight is the fact that I got to hear a little bit of a freshman’s story. The girl manning the table with me is new to the college this year and though I’ve seen her around campus, I didn’t really know anything about her until now. A guy came up to the table earlier and I swear he was sent by God. He volunteers his time and heart to a youth group at a local church and came to the show looking for music that these teens he works with might be able to get into. His story struck me close, because not only do I love people and music, but so does this guy. I asked him for his email and I hope to help him by sending his way a little of what he’s looking for: music and musicians.

I have so much to be grateful for today, including a lesson learned in humility and silence, even if it hurt. This mood tracking app is giving me a lot of incentive toward consistency, even if right now that just means tracking my mood at consistent intervals throughout the day. Sitting here soaking in the sound of the music, with the bass pounding in my chest, calms me down and helps ease some of my anxiety. It’s weird to say that music is an antianxiety med for me, but it is. Whenever I need it most, God connects me to music and people.

Tonight, that’s enough to get me by.


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