Under the Weather

Pinnacles Youth Park, February 2013; I’m really hoping to see this happen again.
The weather today has been incredible. It’s finally, finally starting to cool off. It was inexplicably refreshing to walk outside this morning and see ice covering vehicles in the parking lot, and I smiled when I saw my breath on the air. Mornings like what I walked outside to today give me hope that we might get a decent snowfall this year (that is, one which will actually stay.) Ultimately it makes me miss home and causes me to reconsider my plans to stay in Moberly and work over winter break. At least I’ll get to go home for the week of Christmas and see some snow then.
I love this weather. It brings me a great deal of joy.
What I’m not liking so much as being under the weather. Today was day 11 of being sick and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. This weekend got my hopes up that I might actually be getting over this,  but this morning brought that crashing down.  I could barely eat today without feeling like I was going to vomit, and here I am laying in bed at 9:30pm, stomach churning and wishing it would just go away.
But I have a lot to be joyful for.  I have a couple friends who I don’t know what I would do without; I owe a lot to their continued encouragement. The cloud of anger that blocked my vision from seeing God is gone, and I’m thinking more clearly. I have been forgiven and I have been given the gift of reconciliation. I have the ability to go and be reconciled with those I’ve sinned against. I’ve tasted of this heavenly gift in ways I can’t even comprehend, let alone explain.
I have hope that shines beyond tomorrow, and tonight, that’s enough to get me by.

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