Re-Stocked, Ready to Go

Finally made my way to the store on Sunday to re-stock on some necessities. Among those were tea and midnight snacking supplies (delicious multi-grain bread and peanut butter). I tried a couple new teas this time, including vanilla chai, honey chamomile, and cinnamon apple spice. They’re all so delicious in their own regard. I am one happy camper, indeed.

My tea supply is now as follows:

Zen Green, two types of earl grey (because they are, in fact, different),
peppermint, cinnamon apple spice, honey chamomile, vanilla chai, chai spice, PG Tips (basically a staple necessity), and Irish breakfast.

I also replenished my eggnog supply, with pumpkin spice and caramel. And, of course, I ran out of my in-the-moment anti-anxiety drink, ginger ale, so I bought some more of that. Yay!

Now to finish these papers. :/


One thought on “Re-Stocked, Ready to Go

  1. I love tea as well. My all time favorite is Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai, but the commissary did not carry it the last season. I looked for it in a bunch of stores while in the States in Oct.-Nov, but did not find it. Their Vanilla Chai is pretty good though, so stocked up on it, but it is all gone now. I started trying Chai teas a couple of years ago as I wanted to make something as good as Starbucks chai tea latte without the ridiculous cost. Most of the time these days, the commisary only has the typical Lipton’s, constant comment, and a few fruit teas, none of which I am a fan of. I recently bought Hawaiian Islands Passion fruit for a friend, while visiting a bigger commissary on another base. It turns out he only uses ones without caffeine and this has black tea. So I figured I might as well give it a try – amazed I love it.


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