Your Story is Important: The Project

Saturday night I made the official launch for my project, and I’m super excited about it. Not only does the first video already have 140 views (say WHAAAAT), but I just recorded the 11th video tonight. This means I’m already 11% of the way to my goal for the semester (100 videos). But I’m already running into an issue: recording three camera angles means the videos take up a lot of space on my hard drive. Tonight alone I amassed nearly 60GB worth of audio and video for just two people. My hard drive only holds 750GB.

Fortuantely for me, there’s a 3TB external drive on my work desk that I may be able to use, but I’m going to need to look into buying something for myself because I don’t want to be storing people’s stories on something that doesn’t belong to me. I also should probably look into a better microphone at some point, but seeing as I don’t even have $120 for a 3TB external drive (accounting for purchase plus tax), there’s no way I’m going to have $300 or more for a video mic.

But, for now I’m very happy to work with what I have. I guess I just didn’t think about how big video files are, or how touchy recording someone’s voice can be.

Anyway, here’s the launch video. Dave’s a pretty cool dude, so check this out.


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