I’m Afraid It’s Spreading

This is my desk at work. When I sort of inherited it back in August, it came with the mac and the screen you see here on the far right. The laptop between them is my own personal one. The rest just sort of happened over the last couple weeks. The really cool (or really sad, depending on how you look at it) thing is that I’m using all of them pretty much simultaneously. 3 computers (running three separate operating systems) divided by 6 screens equals 2 screens per computer. And it’s all just for two projects.

The mac is being used to run Adobe CS tools for video production while my personal computer is being used to watch tutorial videos that will hopefully show me how to do what I need. The laptop on the left is being used as a Linux test server on which I’m trying to set up ZoneMinder to run security cameras so we can get video surveillance set up around campus. Not too bad, right? However, put yourself in this picture, turn to the right, and you’ll see a big whiteboard on the wall next to my desk that is home to a growing list of projects. It’s not that I’m not getting them done, but that they just keep coming in.

I don’t mind it, though. It keeps me busy and gives me reason to work a little extra (being a student worker, I’m paid by the hour). But it definitely makes me feel like I know next to nothing. I can edit videos well, but I’ve never done it using Premiere Pro until now. I’ve worked with computers for four years, but I haven’t worked with Linux until now. I was handed the surveillance project and left to my own devices on it with only the vague statement of, “The guy before you was able to get one of the cameras working with a home router,” and zero documentation. It’s been the bane (and boon) of my existence for the last month. 
But work is good. Work is fun. Work pays money and my boss is amazing. And the skills I’m learning along the way could be marketable later.

As long as I keep it separate.


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