[Video Stuff] It looks so cool!

I have a new toy to play with!

So, my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition shoots videos in 2.7K resolution (technically, it can go up to 4K, but sacrificing frame rate to shoot that high would make it look choppy). This means I can shoot professional HD videos. I was excited to realize this, because for a long time I’ve wanted to try vlogging. However, I don’t have a studio to shoot videos in! So, I started thinking. How could I make a studio in my dorm room that can be quickly and easily set up and torn down that could fit within my meager budget?

I found the answer at Walmart. The cost? $9.

Okay, so a full-size black bedsheet doesn’t exactly constitute a studio. But, all I needed was a backdrop, and I was able to hang it using binder clips and command hooks. Fortunately, post-production is flexible enough to let me make the most of what little I have. 

Before post-production, this is what the backdrop looks like. The camera was angled a bit far to the left, but that can be corrected later.

After post-production, this is what the backdrop looks like.

Now, yes, I know I could have managed better lighting than two 13W fluorescent lamps and positioned the camera a little better, but for my first go at it, I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Shooting in 2.7K allows me to do post-production framing edits while maintaining quality and crispness. Unfortunately, since I’m shooting with a GoPro, higher resolution means lower frame rate. So at 2.7K, I can only shoot at 30fps. This will be fine for what I’m doing with it, but part of me wishes the camera could maintain a higher frame rate at high resolution so as to avoid motion blur. But, “eh”, it’s no big deal.

Now I’m just waiting for my next toy to get here, so the audio quality of my videos can be better.


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