Calm is Coming

At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy. As I’ve written about, I’ve been everywhere for a while. The week prior to leaving home was spent running around Eau Claire, looking for buildings I could climb, views I could photograph, and getting as much video footage I could with my GoPro. I even found myself a little frustrated when I left home because the one building I had spent years wishing and the entire summer searching for a way to climb, I finally found way up that would allow me to film the sunset over the entirety of downtown and the river (two rivers, actually), and I just didn’t have enough time to do it.

After leaving home I went to visit Dubuque, Waterloo, and Des Moines. By visit, I mean run around and search for views to capture, buildings to climb, and things to film. Des Moines was also a weekend with internet friends. I found myself at peace in Dubuque, frustrated by my lack of guts and physical ability in Waterloo to gain access to a fire escape that would allow me a way to the top of the tallest downtown building, and tired halfway through the weekend in Des Moines because all the running around was starting to catch up with me.

These two videos sum up the end of my summer.


By the time I returned to campus last Tuesday, I was exhausted. But the busyness continued with re-setting up my room, working, visiting a friend, getting things squared away for (and starting) classes, visiting another friend, treating a nasty poison ivy reaction, and other somewhat normal things. 

Classes will be in full swing next week, which means I’ll be able to settle into a consistent sleep schedule again. Priorities will settle into order and I’ll find out how my attachments may have changed. One internship will end and another will begin. The excitement of being back on campus and people (freshman in particular) will settle down. Nights will become quiet again. Breakfast will be regular. Schedules will solidify. Structure will emerge and order will rule my days. Calm will come.

But there is another calm that I’m hoping will come.


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