Picture This

I took my last week of summer off of work to go on an adventure before returning to Moberly for my senior year of college. I thought I’d make a post to share some photos I captured during that adventure. These are all my own photos.
You can click on each picture for a larger view.

Sunset from atop one of the cliffs looming protectively over the North Crossing (Hwy 312) in Eau Claire.

Highway 312 (a.k.a. the North Crossing) bridge over the Chippewa River in Eau Claire, WI. My apologies for the ghost edges on the right side of the picture: the product of bad stitching.

The cliffs at Mt. Simon park, downriver from the previous picture. One of my favorite places to hang out during the summer in Eau Claire.

Downtown Eau Claire as I’ll forever remember it.

Though this is actually just a still frame taken from a video, I love the angle here. This is part of the route I took to access the rooftop from which the previous picture was taken.

It’s not just the sights that make downtown Eau Claire special, but the sounds as well. Speakers like these are attached to streetlamp posts up and down Barstow street, and the music plays all day.


This van looked pretty rad, so I took a picture.
This small quarry in southwest Wisconsin caught the corner of my eye as I drove past. So, naturally, I just had to venture a closer look.

270-degree panorama of the beautiful downtown of Dubuque, Iowa from atop the Central Street parking ramp. 

The Mississippi River from atop the HWY 151 bridge. Wisconsin is on the east (right side of the photo) while Iowa is on the west (left side of the photo). 
The south side riverfront, downtown Waterloo, Iowa. 

While walking around Des Moines with some internet friends, I couldn’t resist a quick building climb to get a picture.

More of downtown Des Moines.
Capital building in Des Moines. Quite a beautiful place, really.
Home sweet home at this little nugget of solace in Moberly.

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