Home Sweet Home


Though I arrived back in the dismal dump that is Moberly on Monday night, I didn’t return to the little nugget of peaceful solace that is campus until Tuesday morning. Since I was nearly a week early, my first order of business was to head straight to the I.T. department and verify with my new boss that I will be working for him this year, and then to the cafeteria to check in with my other boss that I’ll be able to continue working for her in the cafeteria. After that was squared away, I drove over to the dorm and went in to let my R.A. know I had approval to move in early. Then I was able to start moving in.

The afternoon was spent hauling my larger items out of storage and back to campus, setting up my room, and helping others with their rooms. At long last, a very dear friend made her way back to campus and I spent the greater portion of the rest of the day helping her situate her room before I finally went back to getting my own situated. The remainder of the night was spent editing photos and going through footage from vacation.

Wednesday turned out to be equally busy. A run to Wal-Mart to replenish some basic supplies, more room setup, more figuring out my work situation for the year, an evening cookout at the Dean’s house for student leadership, and a sunset rooftop exploration left me exhausted by the time I finally returned to the dorm. I finally went to bed right around 11. I must have fallen asleep and slept soundly, because I left my windows open overnight and was not awaken by the 1am and 2am trains. 

Now that it’s Thursday, I’ve finally started work in I.T. This isn’t the first time I’ve worked for the department. I had a brief stint during my freshman year that ended when I quit. I.T. was headed by a different person then who had an I’m-better-than-all-of-you attitude that I didn’t want to deal with. But this summer, the new head of I.T. emailed me asking if I would work for him this year, and I was excited to say yes. Even if the work isn’t always exciting (some things can be monotonous, but they’re still necessary), I’m really looking forward to working with this guy for my final year on campus.

I have to be honest, though, and say that I’m not quite sure what keeps bringing me back to this place year after year. Aside from academics, there’s really nothing steady here. Then again, there’s not much that’s been steady in my life anyway. The only constant has been change and the only stability has been found in knowing that nothing is stable. But there’s something else this time around that has me wondering why I came back. Perhaps I’ll blog about it soon.

Tomorrow I get to work again, possibly (hopefully) most of the day. As fun as traveling adventures can be, they can be expensive and my budget has been amply depleted. Aside from that, working gives me something to keep my hands busy and my mind preoccupied. Right now, I’m grateful for that and it may be just enough to give me the motivation I’ll need to get up in the morning. This place may be home to me more than Eau Claire is, but even that is growing faint and weak when I remember the frailty of the temporal. 

It’s nights like this where I should probably just take a shower and go to bed.


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