Tick Tock, Tick Tock

In 48 hours, I’ll be leaving Eau Claire.

I feel like it can’t come soon enough. My body’s getting jittery just thinking about it. 48 hours is all I have to explore whatever else I can of this town before I leave it all behind. Schedule-wise, I could probably stick around another day or so. Mentally and emotionally, not so much. Don’t get me wrong; I love this city. However, it seems to be about time for me to be on my way. New adventures await.

Still, more adventures are to be had here before I leave. Today and Tuesday will be just as busy as this weekend was. Though I spent time at the cliffs the last three days in a row, odds are I’ll end up there these last couple days. I do have a couple specific plans, though, that I’d really like to see through. Mostly, it’s a matter of finding the right timing. I have yet to film a sunset.

I find it almost ironic that I want to be alone more when I only have a couple days left to see people and say goodbye. But, leaving is stressful. Whether I’m leaving Missouri to go to Wisconsin or leaving Wisconsin to go to Missouri, leaving is stressful. It’s nights like this and others before that I’m grateful for free nighttime parking. Under the cover of dark, I can slip away unnoticed to the rooftops to find sanctuary for my sanity. 

Every city will have rooftops, though not every rooftop will offer the same spectacular view. I won’t always be able to sit on top of a rock and watch the sun set over the river, and not every horizon will belong to the trees. I won’t always be able to stand up and look out across the entire city. But every city will have rooftops, places I can go to be alone where nobody will find me, places of refuge. 

I can tell that the stress of leaving is starting to set in, though. It’s evident in my lack of ability to get to sleep at a decent time. Trying to cram extra things in while fulfilling normal duties, I find myself droning away into the night, going through footage, cleaning up my hard drive, writing blog posts, making sure I’m not missing anything important that needs to happen before I go. It’s times like this that I’m grateful for coffee and God’s constant grace. Sometimes, those two things are just enough to get me by.

Tick tock, 48 hours. Time to make it count.


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