It’s Really A Nice Place To Be

Not my photo.

As much as I complain about this place, Eau Claire is a pretty fantastic place to be. So, to show myself that I really do like this place, here are ten things to check out if you visit Eau Claire (which was named one of the top ten cities in America for the 2014 All American City awards).

1. Phoenix Park. It may be small-ish and simple, but it’s one of the most beautiful downtown parks I’ve ever seen anywhere in the country. Not to mention the events that go on there. If you swing by on a Thursday night during the summer, you’ll catch some pretty fantastic music.

2. Tower Ridge Rec Area. Just a little outside of Eau Claire off of HWY Q, this place is home to one of the best frisbee golf courses I’ve ever played. If you enjoy frisbee golf and are up for a challenge, check it out. Tower Ridge also has tons of cross-country ski trails, and some horse trails.

3. The Leinenkugel Brewery. This one isn’t exactly in Eau Claire, but it’s just a few minutes north of Eau Claire in Chippewa Falls. If you’re ever in the area, swing up there to tour the brewery. After your tour, head on over to the Leinie’s Lodge and sample their beers.

4. The Livery. Seriously, if you haven’t eaten there, you should. Right in downtown Eau Claire, it’s one of the best pubs I’ve been to.

5. The House of Rock. If you haven’t heard of it, you should. It’s Eau Claire’s most well-known bar venue for hosting bands.

6. UWEC’s McIntyre Library. Open to the public, this place is pretty great for people who like to study. Plus, they have a pretty big section of ancient Greek writings.

7. Mt. Simon Park is where it’s at. Frisbee golf, a giant rock from which you can see all of downtown, and cliffs around the backside that you can jump off of into the water. Pretty rad.

8. The Farmer’s Markets. They’re all over, and they’re happening just about all the time. Pretty stinking amazing if you ask me. The best part? It’s Wisconsin, and there are usually cheesemakers at these markets. You know what that means? REAL. WISCONSIN. CHEESE.

9. Bike trails. Everywhere. Not even kidding. It’s amazing.

10. The State Theater. This isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill theater. Go there and see a play sometime.


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