Driving to Work: A YouTube Trend?

Apparently there is a “trend” on YouTube of people uploading videos of themselves driving to work. Of course, this comes as no surprise to me, as I have spent many nights wandering through the depths of all the strange videos that YouTube has to offer. Still, many of these videos have several thousand views. I suppose one might find it about as fascinating as watching Go Pro footage from somebody flying their model plane around outside (because, yes, I’ve watched a few of those myself).

So, while I work on my next “actual” blog post, here is a video of me driving to work in Silver Spring, Maryland sometime during July 2013 that I found buried somewhere in the depths of the footage I got when my boss lent me his Go Pro for a couple weeks.

If there are other funky video trends on YouTube that you think I should check out, comment and let me know!


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